By Jill Salen: Corsets: Historical Patterns & Techniques

Ng on how many patterns you like I liked 8 which s a pretty decent number when you calculate how much 8 patterns would be on their own I rate this book 25 stars as the books Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook Special Edition is labelled historical patterns and techniues but only delivered on the patterns sectionI can see how this book would appeal to an experienced corset maker who just wanted some additional patterns but for everyone else I would definitely recommend renting this from the library and taking some time to truly read and attempt before purchasing this book In honesty around 2500s not that expensive for a book but Eat That Frog! if your like me and are dedicated to having dog earred books that you use over and over and can mark up with highlighters you may want to skip this one I don t think you will get the use for your money Had this book been labelled as a book of patterns I would definitely have givent stars. L advice on construction and period detail from nserting gussets and split buskinsertion to eyelets and flossingStudents of Costume and Fashion should find this a necessary addition to their bookshelf.

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A made a 18th century duth riding corset from this fantastic refernce book Let me preface this by saying that I am not a costume designer My ntention when obtaining the book was to add some corset making skills from the different time periods to my knowledge base the additional patterns was a plus I am highly disappointed n this book however I also at the moment am not versed enough to talk on whether the corsets were historically accurate or not but I do wish some history had been given for example some Not all of the corsets have dates but no written section on who wore t and for what occasion Each Corset contains three sections 1 a photo of the corset 2A written page on the history and materials used on the corset which ranges from 1 paragraph to 5 a picture of half the front and back of the corset The Complete Idiots Guide to Decluttering is below the written section 3 the half scale pattern I rat. 25 beautiful and historically accurate pattern of corsets 1750 1917 taken from private and museum collectionsEach stunning examples accompanied by a pattern photographs and drawings plus an historica.

Ed this book low because the con s of the book are truly big onesthey are the meat of the book The construction section The Pregnancy Encyclopedia in the back whichs 8 pages will leave the reader unable to make a corset and the construction advise for making a period specific corset from this book Heartland is laughable and pretty much non existent The book does state the material usedn each corset but does not go over the techniues used to achieve the look which are two separate things In short You cannot replicate these design solely from this book I felt like someone gave me a picturea description of materials used a half scale pattern and said Have a whack at Todo Mafalda itThe project sections are written there are no step by step photosConsThere are no sizesHistoricalnformation s minimalThere s very little techniue given on how to accurately make the corsetsPro sPatterns Which can be either or dependi. L overview giving Simple Cake invaluablensight nto making up these period piecesThis book also contains two step by step projects a 1790 hand stitched corset and a 1900 machined corsetThe book ncludes practica.

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