By Muse: Muse : Origin of Symmetry for Guitar Tab

Piano and vocals in high uality Perfect stuff The only inconvenience was long 30 days international delivery UK PL but it was Christmas time This book is right on the money Almost all the songs transcriptions if not all of them sound xactly the same compared to the actual song There are two songs Megalomania and Feeling Good that only have the piano parts But other than that the book is great and is definitely worth it Bargain. Io is arranged for guitar tab.

This book is possibly the best investment I ve made in learning to play music Actually wanting to practice instead of feeling you have to practice is a great feeling and makes you that much motivated to become a better musician Both the piano parts and guitar parts are great some bits are really hard but there are other bits that you should be able to pick up pretty much straight away so there s something there for verybody Str. Containing the songs from the.

Ongly recommendedThe only thing I didn t like was that they told you to re string with a different gauge for Citizen Erased Now if you are like me and only have one guitar you probably won t be bothered doing that But other than this minor ualm verything lse in this book is just totally totally brilliant For just 39 you can buy a 20 tab book no uestions asked This value is insane Literally This price is insane Guitar TAB bas. Chart topping album this fol.


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