C.J. Archer: The Ink Master's Silence (Glass and Steele)

To Patience manipulated by her dreadful parents But for me it is the camaraderie that cleverly continues in each book between Cyclops Duke Willie Matt India Aunt Letitia and even good old Bristow that makes you settle immediately into this wonderful book I cannot wait for the next book in this heart warming series and I thoroughly recommend it I have enjoyed this series but I DETEST getting to 80% of the kindle story only to find that the book I bought is finished and I am now confronted with 20% of a book I do not want and even if I did want it why should I buy it twice Actually 3 12 Stars because I loved all the lovey doves stuff between India and Matt but I felt the mystery wasn t as urgent or dire as the other books I love the developing relationships between other characters and India s growing confidence but the Rycroft family need to get some morals kindness or courage Overall compelling love story but mystery was lacking First you should definitely read the previous books in the series so you can understand this book My favourite series by CJ Archer is Freak House closely followed by the Ministry of Curiosities I started reading the Glass and Steele series because I really Like Archer s style and stories I enjoyed this book although not as much as the other ones TBH I m getting anxious for a HEA for India and Matt and this book didn t feel like it moved the plot forward very much I would like to see much magic and lots romantic scenes There were some excellent scenes which were exciting full of action and mystery Overall it was good but I am looking forward to the next one to see if they finally get their HEA Matthew Glass and India Steele are back in this sixth book of the Glass and Steele series This series is a fun combination of fantasy romance and history There are five books preceding this one and the series should be read in order beginning with the Watchmaker s Daughter since the story line flows through all six There is not a lot of repetition or explanation to catch up a new reader which I appreciate so if you begin out of order there are important aspects of the plot that you may miss The books are set in Lond. Ig the dark secrets they uncover Secrets that involve blackmail and an exclusive club of magic collectors who want to preserve the value of their collections When one of the secrets can give India and Matt the future they desire will they give in to blackmail or sacrifice their happines.


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Book number six and one I couldn t wait to finish I actually liked the story of the main characters and what was happening in their lives as much if not than the unravelling of the mystery And now I find that there is another book published in this series Hurrah So on we go These books were chosen at random and not at all the type I usually go for but it s been a welcome change from my usual choice Far fetched at times in my opinion but good to immerse oneself in fantasy from time to time I have read all previous books 5 and looked forward to this as it was the sixth book in a six part series so I thoughtIt follows the same formula of the previous books but we learn and as the series goes on However instead of wrapping up the series it ends on a sort of cliff hanger with another book to follow However the story is a complex one combining who dunnit with a bit of magic plus the will they won t they get together A wonderful cast of characters and a fascinating look at the antics of the upper classes in the late 1800 s All very believable if rather fortuitous at times Each book can be read as a stand alone but really are best read in order A good read with enough of a plot to keep you guessing to the end If you enjoyed the Harry Potter books then think of this as a adult storyCan really recommend the series so far I LOVE these books I speed read through four of them in a week and am very much looking forward to the release of book 7My only gripe is not with the story but with the Kindle version I downloaded I use the percentage bar and page numbers to keep track of how much I ve read so felt very short changed and cheated when I got to about 83% and the book abruptly ended The remaining 17% was taken up with a very very long extract from another of the author s books Usually a few percentages at the end are used for thanks acknowledgements and short teasers of other publications which is fine but here the reader finds the book they ve purchased is much shorter than suggested by the page count If the book is shorter please don t make it seem it s longer by filling it up with a LOT of other stuff It really threw me off as I was lookin. USA Today BestsellerIt should be a happy time for India and Matt but forces beyond their control conspire to ruin their future A distraction from their troubles comes in the form of murderWhen the editor of The Weekly Gazette is killed controversial ournalist and ink magician Oscar Bar.

G forward to having another thirty odd pages and got a shock to find I was unexpectedly at the end Ironically I was already intending to buy the other book but didn t want to spoil that purchase by reading so much of it here I chose not to read it ust yet and skipped it making its inclusion a bit pointless The author s work is good enough that only a chapter is necessary to tease the reader into buying it not half the book I enjoyed the interactions of Matt and India as their love grew Matt s friends from America are interesting as usual Aunt Lettie displays some backbone The Roycroft family are absolutely horrible mean and petty and completely selfish The mystery was not easy to figure out but I was disappointed that there was only one small exhibition of magic I still wonder if India s new watch would protect her as her former watch did I did not feel that this book was as well crafted as the first five books The story line seemed to be a compilation of incidents that did not form a cohesive whole Finally I was uite disappointed that the last 18% of the book was devoted to a sample of the first book in a new series My four star rating was based on the fact that the book held my attention throughout despite the flaws noted I am looking forward to book seven and I am hoping that the story will be of the same uality as the first five I ve been avidly following this series reviewing the older books before reading the new ones and I consider it a 5 star series However this one was a disappointment This could have and probably should have been used to conclude everything Instead we get a useless mystery that doesn t forward the plot The actual plot that revolves around the main characters doesn t advance much either If I ever reread the series As soon as I started Book six in this wonderful series I felt I was sitting among friends in their sitting room The familiar wit and teasing that CJ Archer so cleverly weaves through this lovely book has you smiling whilst reading it even though there is a murderer on the loose The plot moves easily twisting and turning through the chapters whilst a second story is unfolding Matt s engagement. Ratt asks India and Matt to investigate As the recipient of threatening letters written on magic paper he believes he was the intended target With suspects ranging from Oscar’s brother to guild masters and London’s elite India and Matt have a lot of investigating to doBut the they

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