Leila J. Rupp: A Desired Past: A Short History of Same-Sex Love in America

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Ideal survey text for an introductory course in GLBT history Alas Rupp s book falls short f the ideal but is nonetheless the best brief introduction to the history f same sex sexuality available n the market today I will be using her book in my class this fallWhat I appreciate about this text is her almost seamless interweaving f personal experience with historical narrative I realize that traditionalists tend to find this practice either unprofessional r self indulgent r both but I delight in it More importantly I have noted that my students respond very well to history texts that do not shy away from the highly personalRupp does a good job f giving a uick verview The Wallflower's Revenge of the essent. Ame sex desire across the country and the centuriesMost extraordinary about Leila J Rupp's indeed short two hundred page historyf 'same sex love and sexuality' is not that it manages to account for such a variety f individ.

Ialist and constructionist schools f thought among the historians War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 of sexuality Perhaps bestf all she insists Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World on the usef the term same sex sexuality rather than Lesbian r Gay recognizing that the latter terms are perhaps too easily associated with the essentialist argumentAll in all a brief but well constructed text ideal I hope for the classroom and for the curious general reader revealing and informativea good read good book interesting to look at the topic f same sex ver history needed this for a college class but ill be keeping it for suture reference This is an historical essay but nevertheless engaging like a romance Reccomended to whom wants their stories to be history. Uals races and classes r take in such a broad chronological and thematic range but rather that it does all this with such verve lucidity and analytical rigor An elegant inspiring survey John Howard Journal f American Histor.

Leila Rupp has done a competent job f examining same sex relationships in American life beginning with colonial attitudes all the way through the coming ut f the closetera f ur Blue Blood own time She has laid aside her historian sbjectivity to tell us bits The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe of herwn life story I hadn t realized that many same sex involvements were looked upon tolerantly in earlier times The entrenched positions pro and con that are present today are anomalies considering the history she provides One comes away from the b This fall semester 2001 I will be teaching a course in Lesbian and Gay history at my community college In preparation for this course I looked at many different books hoping to find an. With this book Leila J Rupp accomplishes what few scholars have even attempted she combines a vast array Parafilias (Spanish Edition) of scholarshipn supposedly discrete episodes in American history into an entertaining and entirely readable story f

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