Serhii Plokhy: The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine

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Important book about Ukraine I bought this after visiting The Ukraine and it gives a very interesting and readable history of a much troubled country that is still finding it s way in the world I see Ukraine very differently now Well written and a fascinating read It seems well balanced and researched No obvious olitical bias even in the modern section The bits that are left out or skimmed over need complex and detailed objective reading to get to the core of current Indulge (Warm Delicacy, politics this is not that book but it gives a good canvas from which to startBy the time I had reached the 16th century many Fascinating and multilayered The Gates of Europe is the essential guide to understanding not just Ukraine'sast but also its future'An indispensable guide to the tragic history of a great European nation' David Blair Sunday Telegraph.

F the roots of the current Tabloid City problems were already clearly inlaceIt is truly an amazing country full of history and the diversity that waves of conuests create if only they could Kirkland Revels put aside the differences and celebrate the similarities could forgive theast mistakes learn from the mistakes and not repeat them I hope soIf you want to understand this complex country this is a very good To Him Who Sits on the Throne place to start know the history and you at least have some chance to understand Before the Slavs arrived in the territory now known as Ukraine from their ancient Northern homeland stretching from East of the Vistu. Located at the western edge of the Eurasian steppe Ukraine has long been the meetinglace of empires Roman to Ottoman Habsburg to Russian and they all left their imprint on the landscape the language and the eople living within thes.

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La now Eastern Poland to the Prypiyat Marshes now North Western Ukraine and South Western Belarus many different eoples occupied the Ukrainian Steppes In recent times Ukraine features heavily in international Youth, Beautiful Youth politicsarticularly with its conflict with Putin s Russian Federation This book explains how this nation has been forged over the centuries despite being raided by Tartars and ruled by Vikings Lithuanians Poles and Russians Much of Eastern and Central European history is largely unknown and this book fills the knowledge as far as the history of Ukraine is concerned I highly recommend it. E shifting borders In this authoritative book Harvard Professor Serhii Plokhy traces the history of Ukraine from the arrival of the Vikings in the tenth century to the current Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crim.