By Terry Mancour: Knights Magi: The Spellmonger Series, Book 4

Summary Knights Magi: The Spellmonger Series, Book 4

The problem I had was that it just didn t really move the plot anywhere The characters are both nice young men but they accomplish little xcept to help get a young lady killed thanks to their inexperience and willful blindness I nded up just bored by their taleThis did in some ways move the story forward but it was not a good addition to the series in my opinion The short description1st Star helped pass time2nd Star Consistent yet developing characters3rd Star good plotting and suspenseful4th Star Well rounded developing characters a bit of romance a bit of love and warI write this review assuming people have read the previous three books As far as the continuation of the book it s pleasant The book is an overall pleasant read with alternating perspectives as well as alternating persons There are a few spots where the transition could be smoother but wasn t a big deal and didn t cause any real big confusion My only other comment is that there are some apparent typo s which I cannot tell if they re intentional or not Or it could be rrors in transitioning from paper to Bringing the Empire Home electronickindle unsure A well written 2 protagonist set of stories whereach is a protagonist and is the other s antagonist I think veryone can relate to that Just think brothers and sisters and the rivalry between ach otherI liked the stories of Building the Cold War each of the main characters Rondal and Tyndal and their perspective ofach other and their awkward personal growth and awkward friendship sibling growth It also shows their Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) emotional growth of simply leaving childhood and having to live in the adult world Often a dangerous adult world where friends die theyach have brushes with death themselves Of finding what they think is love and the Counter-Amores emotional crush finding that those they fancy don t actually fancy them backAs always with a good author with a long running series reading this book in a couple days does nothing to sate the want to read about the world of Calidore Minalan the Spellmonger The Tree Folk the Dead God and the Gurvani Mother and the Family The Stone Folk the River Folk King Rard The Censorate and Dragons If you ve read any of my reviews you know I do not give books 4 stars I believe most books are between 1 star bad and 3 stars good 4 stars are for great book So you get how much I like this book But the thing is the whole Spell monger series is four stars This is a great series and if you really want to hear something special buy the Audible books in this series John Lee The reader is fantasti. Domain with another baby on the wayso he sends them on the road Jealousy anxiety passion and frustration conspire to make them rivals but if they don't figure out a way to learn to work together and uickly then their stubborn feud couldnd up affecting the fate of the Dancing at Armageddon entire war Along the way they pick up somenemies gain a few allies master a few new skills and attempt to learn the laws of love But as they stumble through their lessons and learn to master their tempers they discover that the strongest bonds between men are forged by the most difficult of trials For after they become proficient at magic war and rrantry they are put to the test in the field the most difficult of circumstancesa mission where the strength of their friendship and the uality of their honor may be what defines them best as Knights Mag.

Excellent read the series goes from strength to strength as all the characters develop I can t wait for the next one in the series and the minor storylines keep you hooked There s fantastic plot development and seeing the Spellmonger Universe through the POV of Ron and Tyn is so ntertaining Thank You TM What is there to say Terry Mancour is just THE great writer Intelligent inovativ and supremly blessed wit an imagination that Composition and Literature exceeds all boundsI could barely put this book down as with all the others of hisHe is just a wonderfully giftet writer and lets not forget his phantastic sence of Humor Really great story nice to follow some of the other characters in the series And nice to see what the hero looks like from another perspective There were a lot of spelling mistakes and I m dyslectic But other than that i only felt thending was rushed Ad there were some gaps in the story perhaps another short story is on the cards following Tyndall and Rondal as they leave the outpost they Cezanne and Provence established to them foundingstassi hall I know this was a special Dark Voices early release and look forward to reading the next installmentven if it is a revised version Ever broadening world gets interesting at Contested Reproduction each turn of the chapterThis 4th Spellmonger main novel feels like one of the shorts we ve been treated to since waiting patiently between Magelord our latest fix Apart from bookend Prologue Epilogue chapters with Min this book isntirely based around the Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) exploits of our 2 Knight Magi apprentices following theirxperiences in turn with Tyndal s struggle with academia Rondal s journey to build Creating Country Music enough confidence to get through the boot camps of the warmage college After the first half of the book it develops into a familiar war story fast pacedxciting Unlike Mancour s previous novels there is little of the nuggets of daily life in the middle ages we have been spoilt with building the rich tapestry of the world up Although not perfect 5 pages in a row of Tyndal trying to coach Rondal on how to woo women come to mind Not to mention some huge gaps presumably to set up a whole side series of novelettes both from the boys Blacklands exploits backfilling Minalan the hawkmaidens activities for the year It s great to have another glimpse into the Spellmongers world Iagerly await the next instalment Terry has outdone himself this time I thoroughly Evolutionary Patterns enjoyed this book because it gives us a closer look at Tundal and Rondel These young men are really worth getting to know It was verynlightening to get inside. Opposites attack When the Magelord Minalan the Spellmonger's two apprentices Tyndal and Rondal were knighted after the battle of Timberwatch they were dubbed Knights Magi a new class of nobility for distinguished High Magi Designed to combine the pursuit of arcane knowledge with the noble aspirations of chivalry it Evolution As Entropy elevated them above common warmagein theory The problem was they had no idea how to be a Knight Magebecause no one hadver been one before And as a couple of half trained rustic apprentices from the Mindens they did not feel up to the task or the high ideals of their title But Master Minalan the Spellmonger decided to cure that ignorance He arranges for Tyndal and Rondal to be tutored and trained together in their new vocation learning the arts of magic the craft of warfare and the subtleties of chivalry.

Their characters and find out what makes them tick I look forward to reading the next book and will be able to appreciate these two young apprentices than in the past They are both worthy young men Well written and as usual Terry sets the hook Forging Gay Identities early on This is a great series if you like magic and wit The stores havenough humor to carry you over the parts that leave a hole in your heart and leaves you anxious for the next story Unfortunately we do have to wait awhile for the next one A captivating series that keeps getting better When I bought this one I didn t think it would interest me as much as the previous books in the series since the focus was not to be on the main character Boy was I wrong Interesting character development combined with the telling of great mini stories woven into a coherent whole that drives the Forbidden History epic forward in a very satisfying mannerOne nit pick unfortunatelyditing While the grammar is improving book to book there are still some distracting Fiche Blian ag Fás errors forxample the use of passed when past should have been used That said the Esteem Enlivened by Desire editing while far from perfect is not so much of a detraction as to cause me to give this book less than 5 starsIn short I am hooked When is the next installment coming out I must admit when I heard this was to be a book about Ron and Tyn I was a little disappointed that the Spellmonger would not be a strong feature however as I devoured this book I could not be wrong watching the trials of both apprenticesspecially Ron showed us a side to the spellmonger series that I think most authors fear to write Terry has written a great book here that add s to the lore of the Spellmonger Series talks about the finer points of becoming a man and isn t afraid to mix it up with a few different scenesI found myself really feeling the burdens of Rondal and I really hope that he gets future continued strong storylines in future books I am also looking forward to the mini novels that Terry is writing that we re hinted at throughout the storylineAlso I hope that we don t have to wait too long for the next book as this is a fantastic series that I for one can t wait to seen the next chapterWell done Terry This book follows Tyn and Ron And you will have a different opinion of the boys when you read it Without spoilers just know they are changed in this book And many of the plot points coincide with the plot if the next book This seemed to be an attempt to write a coming of age tale following the 2 apprentices of the Minalan the Spellmonger. From the finest masters in the kingdom If they didn't kill Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith each other first The two young spellmonger's apprentices from the Minden mountain domain of Boval Vale have much in common both had their homes destroyed they were both sent intoxile by the goblin invasion and they both serve the same master Yet they could not be different Rondal is uiet bookish and introspective dedicated to the disciplines of academic magic and anticipating a future of study service and perhaps romance Tyndal is bold and brash an xtroverted over achiever with dreams of glory gold and girls Fate circumstance and the whims of the gods have forced them together but the raw motions of adolescence and the trauma of war put them at They Shall Be One Flesh each others' throats with depressing freuency Master Minalan can't have thatspecially not in his fragile new.

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