By UNKNOWN: The Conflict and Culture Reader

Ses cultured gendered r racialized In what ways do certain groups and cultures define such concepts as justice and fairness differently Do women and men perceive events in similar fashion use different reasoning A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged or emphasize disparate values and goals Spanning a wide arrayf disciplines from anthropology and psychology to law and business and culling dozens f intriguing essays The Culture and Conflict Reader is edited for maximum pedagogical usefulness and represents a bedrock text for anyone interested in conflict and dispute resolution Contributors include Kevin Avruch Peter W Black Jeffrey Z Rubin Frank E A Sander John Paul Lederach Heather Forest Sara Cobb Janet Rifkin Ryunosu.

Culture is the lens through which we make sense f the world In any conflict from petty disputes to wars between nation states the players invariably view that conflict through the filter One, Two, Three Me of theirwn cultural experiences This innovative volume prompts us to pause and think through ur most fundamental assumptions about how conflict arises and how it is resolved Even as certain culturally based disputes such as the high profile cases in which an immigrant engages in conduct considered normal in the homeland but which is explicitly illegal in hisher new country enter public consciousness many f the most basic intersections f culture and conflict remain unexamined How are some proces.

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