MAX ERNST: The Hundred Headless Woman

review The Hundred Headless Woman

Real get this Wow something only a mind as brilliant and warped as max ernst could produce a work so stunning Totally worth the pric. An endlessly fascinating tale that runs an emotional gamut from keen humor to outright horror AUTHOR A key figure in the Dadaist and Surrealist art movements German born Max Ernst 1891–1976 became an American citizen in 1948 and a French citizen in 1958 Painter sculptor graphic artist and poet Ernst employed the fragmented ogic of collage in this volume and in his andmark collage book Une semaine de bonte also published by Dov.

Pretty murky though maybe not that much worse than the original printing Defies categorisation but if you are interested in the sur. Tion provides the glue Irrational violent tender ironic Max Ernst has invoked the whole kaleidoscope of human phenomena in these collages turning them into stunning proposals for adventure noted this volume's translator Dorothea Tanning The Hundred Headless Woman was the first of Ernst's collage novels and its classic status ensures a place in modern art history classes Every visit and re visit to its pages tells a different story.

It s great to have Ernst s book in a digital format esp translated into English but I wish the images were better reproduced They re. Originally published in Paris in 1929 this collage novel by avant gardist Max Ernst constitutes a seminal and uintessential 20th century work of art The artist's striking combinations of engravings from Victorian era books and magazines accompanied by enigmatic captions offer a universe of mystery replete with all the possibilities of the bizarre dream world of the surreal Images speak anguage illustrates and the reader's imagina.

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