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Rammar sections to improve your knowledge too Brian Garner is Editor in Chief f the prestigious Black s Law Dictionary but his approach here is anything but stodgy This book published by Oxford University Press looks at legal style in language It includes his The Secret Child own setf rules for usage some Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook of which will be familiar to most As well it has a marvelous section explaining carefully correct usages One example Words and Expressions Confused and Misused Garner also discusses Speaking Legally and Expressive Tactics such as precisely when it is useful to repeat in what ways tactics can be made expressive and how best to put forth a legal argument He concludes with a sparkling collectionf legal uotations n style This is an excellent purchase for someone 1 looking for advanced direction in legal English usage for writing and presentation and 2 interested in learning to love legal writing Garner s examples are well selected and it has a full listing f the content topics inside the front and back covers giving it a ready reference uality uite readable too for such heady and easily boring stuff Garner is sometimes ver hyped but this book delivers Starts ff by framing the right mindset then dives into practical examples I recommend it If you re in law school and you ve not consulted Garner n legal writing presuming you re not yet a perfect and flawless legal writer then prioritize this book above all thers next time you ve any inclination whatsoever to work Death by Inferior Design on that skill Bought for my law course. Lyften wittily explains the full range f what legal writers need to know mechanics word choice structure and rhetoric as well as all the special conventions that legal writers should follow in using headings definedterms uotations and many ther devices Garner also provides abundant examples fro.

I put this Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 on the shelf right next to my copyf Elements f Style by Strunk and White Bryan expands n that classic and tailors it for legal writers I recommend it to all my law students to help them with their legal writing I am a physician who tested ut f all college English to focus A Philosophy of Cinematic Art on science Writing chart notes scientific articlesr even parts The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified of textbooks does not preparene for the type White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs of writingne must do when performing legal workScientific technical writing legal writing r the best selling novel all reuire different writing styles Mr Garner s book must be a help to law students based n Scab other reviews but importantly to me it is very accessable to those who have never attended law schoolLegal style is a style that is important in the professionf law If you do any work in this area at all whether it is In a World Created by a Drunken God on the standr writing essays it behooves the non lawyer to read this book So even though I agree with the glowing reviews from lawyers this book may be even important to those Indo No Kao of us who must do legal work but have never been to law school Garner takes what could be a boring subject legal writing and makes it entertaining and even exciting I loved his common sense approach which promotes practicality and clarity and eschews antiuated rules that no longer apply Thank you Bryan for giving permission to discardld rules that don t make sense and perhaps never did A great guide to writing plain language designed especially for lawyers Plenty f practical advice and detailed With expanded coverage in this new edition The Elements f Legal Style features additional sections many examples and a thoroughly researched appendix that contains 80 major statements Giant Peach Yodel on prose style what it is and how to attain itInspired by Strunk and White's The Elementsf Style this book clear.

Informative clear and very helpful in supporting an undergraduate degree First introduced to Bryan A Garner at ne f his brief writing seminar several years ago I have since been a loyal reader f his worksThis book is 1 a reference book 2 an invaluable resource 3 than just a grammar r style book ever thought f being 4 chocked full f historical information and legal literary uotes 5 presented in a humorous and accessible manner and 6 the standard to which all legal writers should aspirePoor writing and the use f legalese have always been bug a boos f mine And Iniquity over the lifetimef my legal practice having to slave ver thousands f statutes briefs decisions motions etc has nly intensified my belief that too few lawyers know how to write well and that the legal profession should abolish the use f legalese from the practice Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of lawIn Mr Garner I have found a champion In The Elementsf Legal Style writers wishing to take their craft beyond the stars will find a valuable cache Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook of information that will lay the foundations to improve their writing and persuading skills He shows you how to remove the legalese from your writing how to make your writing dynamic and exciting and how to use your writing to better persuade This book along with The Winning Brief should be the foundationf your arsenal f writing tools I m so glad I found this book It really improved my writing Very useful An excellent book the best n the market in this genre Good examples very well written just a perfect book. M the best legal writers Livin' de Life of yesterday and today including Oliver Wendell Holmes Clarence Darrow Frank Easterbrook and Antonin ScaliaIf you want to make your writing clearer precise persuasive and above all stylish The Elementsf Legal Style ffers the surest and the most enjoyable means to that en.

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