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Dylan Thomas was a little pudgy man who had the most amazing voice and reading abilities of recorded history The two ladies from Caedmon recorded his reading and saved it for us A lot of his training and abilities were derived from his work as announcer on BBC third programme In his writing the obscure imagery reminds us that he is sort of a Welsh James Joyce These recordings are of mixed uality My player ives a sharpness to the high freuencies that makes me turn the treble downI don t think these were remastered and they were probably made with small tape recorder Still worth listening to and owning Dylan Thomas s readings of his own work is as much a part of his legacy as the words themselves Many years ago I bought the complete Caedmon recorded poetry on two cassettes Now there is this complete collection of everything Thomas recorded for Caedmon not just his own work but works by other poets and authors Most important of all is the only informal recording of Thomas and others performing Under Milk Wood A planned studio recording did not take place because of Thomas s death God Bless whoever set that microphone on the stage of the Poetry CenterThomas s insights into Life and Nature are timeless and so are these recordings No Thomas fan can be without this collection which is beautifully presented the CD cases reproducing the album covers for the original releases including my old cassettes Like other reat poets Dylan Thomas has offered the world a body of. Beginning in February 1952 Dylan Thomas made a series of memorable and historic recordings for a new record label called Caedmon In fact Dylan Thomas was the first to record for this new label started by two 22yearold women Marianne Roney and Barbara Cohen Little did they know that in addition to capturing a part of history they also launched an industry.

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He set for you I enjoyed it and when in the mood i can listen to having it on tape The reviewer who called this a bad value is completely wrong This set includes the COMPLETE Caedmon recordings of Thomas incredible voice Though a few of these original LP s were fairly common Child s Christmas in Wales many of the LPs were rare People were bidding 50 100 and up for some of these single LPs only recently Here you have MANY CDs for the price of one It would be nice to have an extensive book with this set but you can always buy Dylan s books seperately The set includes mini LP cover sleeves for all of Thomas original LP covers though thin paper sleeves another nice touch Don t let this one et away When it is out of print it will probably o for 200 300 and up What a blessing to et this The BBC archive collection is the only one larger I trained myself for public performance using a couple of old Caedmon vinyls It is extremely rare to have a poet of his stature who can present his work so well If you are a trained singer you might recognize that he is actually singing and with phenomenal technical skillAnyway this collection is Dead-End Road Mysteries great Brilliant collection with superb readings by the poet himself A treasure I had some of Dylan Thomas s collection on an old LP and loved his stories particularly A Visit to Grandpa s Brilliant find at a reasonable price The uality of recording is as you might expect for the time and circumstances butood to hear Dylan Thomas s voice. De and uite Early One Morning and his final work Under Milk Wood a play With stunning original album cover art and an introduction read by former poet laureate Billy Collins this uniue collection includes not only Dylan Thomas reading his finest works but also rare recordings of Thomas reading his favorite writers including WH Auden and William Shakespea.

Work rooted in the living world but he is different from the others in that he is imaginative and reads in the Hear the Wolves greatest voice I have ever heard This item also is as complete as anyone could hope for I think almost any normally sensitive human would be thrilled to hear the Dylan Thomas voice even if their interests deviate far from those of poetry buffs What a bargain What areat treasure Here you have Dylan Thomas and that incomparable voice of his all together in one spectacularly priced collectionNever have I heard anyone able to express emotion and feeling with their voice like Dylan Thomas does The only one who comes close is Richard BurtonBuy it Sit back Relax and be carried away by the sheer beauty and power of one man s words and voice I have the Caedmon records on vinyl but they are now etting in a bit the CDs are fabulous Dylan Thomas reading his own and other material perfection Highly recommended This collection is beautiful Before you even play the cds you are enchanted by the uality of the production of this set and its attractiveness It is super value particularly for fans of the spoken word and Dylan Thomas is spectacular in his delivery of both his own poetry and the works of other esteemed writersWould love to have some of the original recordings done by Caedmon but as these are scarce and prohibitive with regard to cost I am delighted to have come across this wonderful collection The welsh bard Why say If you enjoy Dylan Thomas then this Of spokenword recording This collection not only contains the incredible Caedmon recording sessions but also recordings from the BBC CBC and other archival material Caedmon originally published in the 1950s and 1960s Highlights include A Child's Christmas in Wales and Five Poems; Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night his prose Adventures in the Skin Tra.

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