By DANHAUSER Adolphe: Théorie de la musique

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Ted to learn about in French and since the diagrams weren t as important to me as the terms I opted for the Kindle version If you re new to this stuff and wish to learn it from this book you can But get a physical copy because not all of the diagrams transfer very well to a digital format. Learn Solfè.

Different for example the French use solf ge UtDo Si to talk about notes whereas in English we use letter names A G so I wanted to learn the French terms for the things I already had nowledge of within my English speaking brainThat said this book is great It goes over everything I expec. Xe relié For.

I bought this book because I go to a university for music in America but I hope to finish my grad work at a music university in France or at the very least teach music in French I already have a thorough nowledge of music theory but the way the French talk about music theory concepts is. Edition de Lu.

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